Category: On sale now

  • Gift Boxes

    We had a great time at Hampstead Norreys Community Shop last Saturday – 15th. See: We now have 3-bottle gift boxes, which were on sale at the Shop for the first time. Order through the usual outlets or contact the Brewery.

  • Barbecue? Party?

    If you’re having a barbecue, a party or just want a refreshing beer, then try our latest – Jubilee. On sale in Cold Ash PO, Hermitage PO and Peach’s Stores, Upper Bucklebury.

  • Another new beer

    Available now is our latest offering – Grimsbury Castle. This is a full-flavoured ale nicely balanced with sufficient bitterness. It can be enjoyed on its own but is also a great accompaniment to lighter meats such as pork and chicken. Not too strong at ABV 4.2%. Please ask for it in the local shops.

  • Auld Peat

    Just about to go on sale is the latest ale – Auld Peat. Those attending the Hermitage Burns Night on Saturday 1st will have first chance to try it. It’s quite strong (ABV 5.2%) and dark with whiskey malt in addition to the regular pale and crystal malts. I’ve used three varieties of hops: Progress…

  • Another outlet

    Harvest Time is now on sale in Hampstead Norreys Community Shop

  • 1st December 2013

    ‘Harvest Time’ is a traditional ale made to celebrate the autumn. The Maris Otter Pale Malt and Crystal Malt give the the rich colour and luscious flavour with Northdown hops for bitterness and East Kent Goldings for the aroma. It’s bottle conditioned so there is a trace of yeast but I’ve kept the conditioning quite…