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I'll be posting news of the Brewery and giving you some advanced information about the beers I'll be brewing. And letting you know when (and where) they're being sold.

I'll also suggest what food these beers might accompany, just as we do for wines. Yes, beers can be matched to food, not just drunk to slake a thirst.

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New labels

Brewery news Posted on 29 May, 2015 14:02:39

We’ve updated our labels with a new design that has great impact but keeps the essential elements of the originals –

January 2015

Brewery news Posted on 29 Jan, 2015 15:16:23

Well January is a bit quiet. Sales are very slow. I guess everyone is holding back after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. One bright spot – we’ve just delivered our first FOUR CASK delivery to The Lamb, Holloway Road, London. This is their bespoke special bitter ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’. Made with Pilgrim and Progress hops, it has a lovely rounded flavour with a good level of bitterness that makes it satisfying to drink.

Just about to start the next batch of Grimsbury Castle. I’m finding that this beer matures into something special after about one month in the bottle. The flavours seem to blend together and make it even more desirable.

If any local pub would like to try a cask, or two, of one of our beers, drop me a line or call and we can discuss possibilities. We can consider a special brewed just for you if that’s what you’d like.

New outlet

Brewery news Posted on 05 Sep, 2014 16:08:23

We are pleased to announce that our ales are now on sale at Q Gardens, Milton Hill, Steventon. Their web page is:

Hops everywhere!

Brewery news Posted on 13 Aug, 2014 17:26:04

Just received my first ‘big’ consignment of hops – 9 different varieties of 5 kg each. That will keep me going for a while. But they’re so much cheaper bought like this.

Now on sale…

Brewery news Posted on 01 Jul, 2014 12:12:37

Our beers are now available from Chieveley Motors Shop, Long Lane.

Open days

Brewery news Posted on 23 Jun, 2014 11:47:07

On 21st June, we were present at the 42 Engineer Regiment (Geographic) open day at the Denison Barracks, Hermitage. It was a great privilege to be invited by the Regiment, some of whom had bought our beers from Hermitage Post Office. On sale was our latest ale ‘Jubilee’, on draught; in bottles we had Auld Peat and Grimsbury Castle. Neighbour and friend Tony helped out on the day and we enjoyed meeting member of the Regiment, their families and friends.
Tony on our stall at the Open Day

Best wishes to the Regiment as it moves to its new base.

Also that day, we were present at Hampstead Norreys Community Shop Fair. My wife Tricia, ably supported by our good friend Mavis Pinnock offered customers tastings of Auld Peat and Grimsbury Castle, taking the opportunity to get feedback on how well these ales were liked. We must be getting it right as we sold over 30 bottles in the morning.

Burn’s Night

Brewery news Posted on 10 Feb, 2014 22:55:43

Here are some friends enjoying a few pints of Auld Peat at the Hermitage village Burn’s Night. The first draught beer from the Brewery. Photo courtesy of Roy Marr.

Setting up the new brewery

Brewery news Posted on 30 Nov, 2013 19:27:37

It’s been an interesting few months setting up my new brewery but the most challenging was adapting to the new, larger equipment. I’ve been used to brewing about 20 L each time with large buckets and various bits of kit that I’ve built myself. Now I’ve got a 100 L plant so things are quite different. Two key challenges have been heating enough water to turn it into brewing liquor. I have to do this so that the mash is at the right pH. The boiler I have is just a bit small, so I’ll have to either get a larger one or treat the water some other way. The other challenge is actually cleaning everything up afterwards! It just takes longer than it used to. But I’m gradually get a system going so it should become routine.

As I’ve taught food science at degree level for some years, I had great fun making the HACCP plan for the brewery and putting into practice what I’ve been teaching. Those of you who know about food safety systems will know what I mean. It paid off because the hygiene inspector (EHO) gave it the thumbs up.

Here’s a picture of the main brewing kit:

On top is the hot liquor tank that feeds into the mash tun on the right. On the left is the copper, where the wort is boiled. The yellow hosepipes feed cold water to and from the heat exchanger. I’m using rainwater for this and recycle it back to the storage tanks so it doesn’t get wasted.